I give up!

So I think I am going to drop out of college. It is just to expensive at the art institute. I want to either go to ccc or psu. I don't know what to use as my major anymore and I know I am kinda flip flopping but hey that is life. I don't think I would be a very good apparel designer anymore I just sucked at the class. I don't like my school I can't make friends easily though I do love the teachers its just not for me. I might finish off this term but I want to tell my dad tomorrow. I don't know what college to apply for though. CCC seems plausible because I have yet to figure out what to do with my life but PSU just seems like a good school and I don't know if I would like a community college. I have much to ponder don't I?

I wish I hadn't gotten into AI its so expensive and that is what is driving me mad! I am already in debt up to my ears and I haven't even taken 6 classes yet. Its just so ridiculous. I wish my parents had started some sort of college fund for me, but alas we are poor mofos so no. Anyone have an idea on what college would suit me best?
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Oh the nerdyness!

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I just had to take it!

Anyway my classes have been pretty fun and I have so far saved over a hundred dollars by buying my books via amazon instead of at an actual book store. I love the assignment we have for line in PVC and am really disappointed that we can't start it until next class. My general ed classes seem really easy and I love it. My PVC professor reminds me so much of a forty year old white Mito its ridiculous. I can even see him laughing like Mito and he is so funny. We watched a video that was really interesting and I can't wait till next week! To bad I will have to. Oh and Lesel wants me to go to a hot spring with her tomorrow and I think it sounds like fun. Brett is home for the weekend thats nice and I think Larry might come over. Jean messaged me saying she was going to hang it with Brett and they talked all the time and it seriously pissed me off. Not to mention I finally met Gary Grant[Larry's cousin] and he turned out to be the asshole that was saying Lesel slept with him. It pissed me off so much! He tried to convince me and I said "Ya I doubt that happened". Pfft stupid asshole.
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Live like the dead

I am so tired right now I feel like a zombie. I got maybe two hours of sleep at almost 4 in the morning and now I just feel so dead. Yes I came on here only to complain its the joy of my life. My breast hurt too damn having a uterus! -sigh- I can't even type twenty words per minute right now I bet this is so depressing. But I must strive on in order to finish reading the manga I have found. I only have a few more pages which I am waiting to load as I type this. Yay multi functional Kitty!
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I had my first class of the term today. I was in math 081 and we took a placement test so I got bumped up to 082 that will save me a lot of money. I saw Andy Lang on the bus ride home and it made me realize just how little I actually talk to anyone from high school. He recognized me though did a sort of double take that I found hilarious.

Oh and on the bus their were these really annoying loud teenagers and part of the way through one of them said that the other younger looking girl was pregnant. My automatic thoughts were 'but she is just a kid' I mean she was annoying and a person that needs to be in the spot light it was so depressing. I feel sorry for her child.
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First update

Hmm well I just need to add something.

I posted my application to be sorted in platform 9 3/4. Thats exciting. The crappy part is that I was almost to the bottom I just had my name to fill out and I accidentally closed the window. That was last night and so I had to redo it. I do think that now it is much more Ravenclaw material because it is so much more orderly. Last night it was a bit different but oh well. I am really excited to see where I will be sorted.

Anyway Brett just left a bit ago. I am not nearly as upset now. Partially because he is just in Washington and also cause I am tired of him having girls that used top be my friends over to have sex with. Really I understand why Lesel was so annoyed with Jean.

Oh well. Now I should order my books for college.
I have two days left damn.
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